Here Are Some Fruitful Tips For You – Not A Morning Person?

Fruitful Tips – The tiring and tedious routine has made us lazy and “no morning riser at all”. We can all blame technology and hectic routines. But the truth is that we have made ourselves badly addicted to all these unhealthy activities. A little will power can make you young, energetic and productive forever.

Well! By adopting some simple and healthy activities, we can make our morning and whole day active and productive. All we need is some focus and stimulation from the mind. Here are some tips to be followed on a daily basis for a productive and healthy routine.

3 or 4 Glasses of Water.

Yes! One should drink enough water right after getting up from the bed. It is like washing every part of the body. It is also a fact that it is difficult to drink so much water at one go. Do not start it immediately from day one. Keep mixing slowly and start with 1 glass initially. The benefits of this activity are endless. Fresh skin, clean liver, healthy stomach, boosted metabolism, and what not. Start it now and give the best gift to your body.

Yoga or Exercise.

I personally prefer to exercise but yoga is also a very soothing activity. Just exercise for half an hour after drinking water and you are surely going to love it. It will not only boost your mind but also give it peace. Cardio is a good option but those who spend 9 to 6 in office must do exercise for belly fat.

Don’t Skip Breakfast.

Your breakfast should consist of eggs, whole wheat and fresh juice. Skipping or reducing breakfast can lead to stomach ulcers and many other problems afterwards. There is nothing good in skipping breakfast. It is the first meal of your day and can give you a lot of energy for the whole day.

No Burden to Think.

Schedule your brainstorming activity in another slot of the day. It is a very common misconception that we should brainstorm only after getting up. If you tire your mind at the very first step of the day then you will not be able to manage things throughout the day. Eventually you will get tired very quickly.

Coffee Is Better Than Tea.

Tea contains milk which can increase obesity in the body and slow down the process of other body activities. Use black coffee it will stimulate the brain and allow it to work effectively. It will also increase metabolism.
Make the first step of your day a little different and productive. Don’t go for mainstream lazy activities. Your change can bring change in other lives too.